Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm ticklish, oooooo, don't do that!

Tonight I was trying to clean out the oak pollen and assorted debris from the dogs' fur before bringing them inside (I had cleaned all day and didn't want it undone when they ran through the house!).  I was using the comb that I use on the cats for lack of anything else to use on them (yes, I know I need to go shopping for dog grooming tools!) and it was working fairly well.  I was also doing a lot of picking with my hands.  When I started working on Bentley he would not be still, he was just squirming around like crazy.  Then I realized that the problem was that he is ticklish!  Especially on his little tummy, and running that comb over his tummy was driving him crazy.  I have to admit he was cute squirming around but I had mercy on him and picked him clean with my hands.  Even then a few times his back paw would start to scratch as I worked on him!

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