Thursday, April 7, 2011


Baylee, Sweet Baylee Cream! 
She just gets sweeter and sweeter!  She has the sweetest face and I noticed tonight that her nose seems to be getting longer.  She is beautiful and everyone wants to take her home!

Sawyer Brown takes a break from the food bowl.  They love to dine "al fresco" in the evenings!  And look at his tail, wow!

Baby Blossom, Mighty Dog, Little Diva! 
She would not raise her ears and look cute for the pictures, so this shot will have to do.

Bentley Beau Bentley
I included this shot to show his face and how much he has changed.

And, since he is the baby he gets two shots on this post.  This one shows how he has grown and how the shading on his back is disappearing.
P.S.  As I previewed this post I noticed that it coincides with the pictures on the side.  It is interesting to compare them and see how they have changed, especially Bentley.

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