Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blossom learns to drive, sorta

I left Blossom, Baylee, and Bentley at the vet's this past weekend while we went camping.  They love going there and I know they are well cared for, well actually I think they get spoiled but that's ok.  Driving them there was a hoot as I had all four in the car at once!

Bentley was in the backseat with Jaydon and Baylee was in the front passenger seat.  Sawyer likes to ride half standing half sitting and looking out the window.  Blossom had laid down in my lap but then for some reason she stood up and put her front paws on the steering wheel like she was driving!  It was hilarious!  I drove quite a way with her doing this.  She was looking forward and it looked just like she was driving (rest assured, she was not)!  Jaydon was giggling in the backseat!  He asked me, "what if she really was driving?" and my response was that she would have a wreck because instead of watching where she was going she would be barking at everything!

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