Friday, March 4, 2011

Bentley's Trip to the Vet

Bentley had his last "puppy" visit to the vet's on Monday.  He got the last of his shots, including his rabies, so now he can go places and be a real dog.  He weighed 8.10 pounds, little bruiser.  And he was so good, never minded being examined or the shots. 

Afterward we went to PetsMart and got him a harness and lead to match his collar.  He was a little scared in the store, but rode in the basket and allowed everyone to pet him.  I'm sure it is a little scarry to be a little guy and go in a big place like a store!

But from now on he has to ride in a carrier...he threw up twice on this outing and he did not want to stay in my lap.  Fortunately I had spread a towel across the dry clean only skirt so the clean up was fairly easy.  And of course while he was throwing up I was in major traffic and trying to hold him and keep the towel under him.  Not real safe for either of us!

Hopefully I can get some pictures this weekend, he is really changing!  Several nights ago he must have provoked Blossom about something because she tore into him.  It was not pretty, and he has a healthy respect for her so he got away quick.  He ran toward me, not sure what to do.  So I picked him up and loved him for a bit.  His little heart was just racing!  Poor baby.  He thinks he is as big as the other dogs, although he is almost as big as Blossom is now.   

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