Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pet Walker Plus

I know, you are wondering what this is.  This is a Pet Walker Plus, a lead designed for walking two dogs at the same time.  It is wonderful!  I had seen something similar in a catalog or somewhere, and then couldn't find it again.  But this is far better, I'm sure.  The leads are connected to a swivel device so they don't get tangled.  And you can unsnap one lead if needed since there is a clasp on either end of the lead.  I bought two of these at the local dog show on Saturday, and it was money well spent.  Last night I walked all four dogs and was able to unclip Bentley when we started out since he was a little frightened and confused.  He was quickly in the swing and I clipped him back on.  But then trouble started...I clipped him onto the wrong lead so I had three dogs on one walker and only one on the other.  To compound the trouble I had both handles in one hand.  The ensuing mess was a big tangle, although by the end of the walk this brought them all within about 6 inches of each other so it kept them together!  However, as it had been demonstrated at the show they quickly came untangled.  The nice part is that when properly used the dogs can walk independently of each other while being controlled with one lead (or in my case, two leads).  Great product, I highly recommend! 

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