Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hey Mom, Did You Forget Something?

I forgot to feed the dogs tonight, but they reminded me.  Tonight was the Christmas Pop's concert at church.  I had to be there early for warm up, and it was too early to feed the dogs before I left.  Plus I don't like to feed them and then leave because sometimes Bentley is still a "bowl bully".  I didn't think the concert would be too late, so I just left without feeding them.

Well, I got home around 9 p.m. and started wrapping gifts and eating a little snack.  But I couldn't figure out why the dogs were just standing there looking at me.  I thought they just were looking at the snack, after all I did have cheese and they love cheese!  After several minute of being quietly stared at I remembered that I had not fed them.  Oops, I quickly filled those bowls with their good Eukanuba kibbles and then shared a little cheddar cheese with them!  I was off on their routine and they knew it, smart doggies!

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