Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looking for Blossom (and a few photos)

The puppies love to curl up with me on the sofa.  I love curling up with them.  Right now that's where we are, on the sofa listening to Harry, Kenny and others sing and play Christmas carols.  Mmmm, good times. 

Most of the time Bentley doesn't really nap.  And I'm used to him jumping up and down from the sofa.  But when one of the others gets down I usually notice and keep an eye out for what they are doing.  Several nights ago we were settled in and I realized that there were only three dogs on the sofa with me.  A quick check told me that Blossom was missing.  I didn't remember her getting down, so I was a little puzzled.  Then I looked down at Sawyer and realized that he had a black spot on his side.  What?  He is red and white on his back.  A second look revealed that I was seeing Blossom's black spot, she was sleeping underneath Sawyer!  She had laid down between my leg and the arm of the sofa and Sawyer had laid down on top of her.  But most of his weight was on my leg so he wasn't crushing her.  She must have been warm and comfortable because she was sound asleep.  Silly puppies.

Sawyer is getting into the Season!

Three sofa sleepers

Guess which dog is not a napper?

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