Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Rainy Weekend

It has been a long, long time since we had a rainy weekend, and a cool one at that.  Temperatures today have been in the 40's and it has rained lightly off and on all weekend.  Wonderful, wonderful!

But what do dogs do on a weekend like this?  Oh, they are more than content to curl up on the sofa and nap while I'm napping or watching football.  But the rest of the time they have been little rascals! I have to admit that I have not exercised them like I should.  I would have bundled up and taken them for a walk but I've had a little bit of a cold and didn't think I should be out walking in the rain.  So I have to blame myself (partly) for their misbehavior.

First of all they refuse to potty outside.  Even if I go out with them they refuse.  No way, it is wet out here...we'll just go in the house thank you. 

They have entertained themselves by pulling ornaments off the tree and either playing with them or eating them.  NO, NO, BAD DOGS!  They have shredded every piece of paper they can get their mouths on.  NO, NO, BAD DOGS!  But the big game has been "Explore the Trash".  Everytime I turn around one of them has retrieved something from the kitchen trash and they are destroying it, usually in the middle of the living room floor.  Yes, I know I should have closed the lid on the trash can.  But still, they know better than to play in the trash. 

This morning Bentley and Sawyer bolted through the door into the garage.  I got the garage door down before Bentley got out, but had to go out in the rain to round up Sawyer.  I'm sure the rain detered him from making a run through the neighborhood.  I'm not sure what got into their heads to make them run out like that.

But now they are all piled in my lap while I'm writing this, sweet little puppies (for now).

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