Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making a group picture

Good grief!  What was I thinking?  Yes, I did last year's Christmas photo shot by myself but I only had three dogs to herd up and pose.  This afternoon I set up a little photo shoot on the fireplace, gathering up a Christmas quilt and a few decorations.  Got the camera set up and put a Christmas collar on each dog and combed their ears.  Never mind that they are stinky and need a bath, that won't show in the picture.  So far so good, that was the easy part.  After numerous attempts, and telling myself to give up until I had someone to assist me I finally got all four to sit and stay. 

I got the pictures, yes indeed.  But the dogs were not happy, and refused to raise their ears.  They do not look happy, no sirree!  Further complicating the issue was that they were in front of the fireplace, which looks good in reality.  But I did not like it in the picture for a background.  Plus the light was triggering a flash and that messes up their eyes.  I ran a few through Photoshop, but still don't like them.  I'll do another photo shoot for the card, but had to post a few here just for fun!

Baylee was so cooperative.  She is ready for Christmas in her green collar!

Hey Mom, do you really think you're going to make our picture?
Sawyer, I'm warning you...don't cooperate with her and we'll be off the hook real quick.
Here we are in our pre-holiday pose!

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