Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tired to the bone

I have four little doggies that have passed out in various spaces.  We were finally able to go walking tonight.  I was so tired and have so much homework, but I decided that I had to force myself to harness them up and go.  Once we were out the door I was so glad we went.  I don't know when was the last time we could go walking, the heat has been too much.  The dogs and their human needed to walk but it just couldn't be done.  

When we started out they wanted to rodeo a little bit, but the routine quickly came back.  Usually Sawyer leads the pack but tonight it was little Blossom (and she was the first to lay down and go to sleep!).  I took them at a fairly slow pace, and they still wanted to stop frequently.  We'll have to work back up to speed, but that's ok. 

When we got home I fed them outside (fed myself out there, too) and they chowed down.  Bowls were almost empty, for once.  They have gotten where they just nibble around but the walk must have revved up their appetites.  Uh oh, the boys just woke up and they are playing a little.  That's ok, I'm glad we all got some exercise and fresh air.

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