Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bentley & Baylee vs. Shadow

Cat chasing is pretty common in this household.  But this morning it got totally out of control.  I'm not sure what prompted this but it was an all out attack.  Basically, Baylee was trying to finish off Shadow.  Bentley was an accomplice to the crime but Baylee had Shadow down and her mouth was fastened around Shadow's neck.  As I've said so often, it is the shy, quiet one that you have to watch!  No matter what I did I couldn't get them to back off and leave poor Shadow alone. 

The fight started under the bed and then went to the far corner of the breakfast room.  That was the point where Baylee had her mouth on Shadow's neck and I knew it was serious.  So I swatted Baylee (dumb, I know) and got enough distraction time that she let go.  Shadow ran back to the bedroom and under the bed (dumb cat, jump up and escape).  So Bentley and Baylee gave chase and the fight continued.  I managed to grab Bentley's hind leg and pull him out from under the bed and throw him in the bathroom.  Then I took a yard stick to get Baylee out from under the bed and grab her.  They both went outside for a while, but as soon as I opened the door they were back under the bed where Shadow was hiding.  So I got the yardstick again, and this time they got a swat with it as they ran by me.  I left them in the kitchen while I went to the grocery store and when I got home and let them out....they ran right back to attack Shadow.  So once again the yardstick was put into play.

Finally, I got Shadow out from under the bed and checked her over.  Her neck and head had obviously been soaked with dog slobber as it was sticky.  But she had no puncture wounds that I could feel.  I gave her a good rub and put her on top of the bed.  A little while later I noticed Baylee's under ear as shown above.  Shadow, even with only back claws and teeth, had put up a good fight.  The picture doesn't really show the damage but there are several puncture wounds and a long, bloody scratch down the ear.  Baylee's ear is a mess.  So now all the dogs are taking turns cleaning it for her.  No sympathy from me, but I now know that it isn't just friendly cat chasing that is going on and the situation has to be human controlled!

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