Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blossom goes to PetsMart

Last night I made a major shopping run to PetsMart and took Miss Blossom along.  She won the lottery and got to go because she needed a new collar.  After her last bath I had discovered that one of the plastic rings that control the size had broken.  So she got to go shopping!  Little Diva! There was a lot of crying and howling by her three little playmates that didn't get to go, too.

She rode in the cart like she always does.  She is just more secure in the cart for some reason.  I was really proud of her because she didn't bark like crazy like she usually does.  There were a few yaps when we went in the store and then twice while we shopped she let out what I thought was just a yap of joy!  She let everyone pet her (they all told her she was so beautiful!) and made many new friends.  I thought it interesting that everyone asked how old she is and then they were amazed that she is full grown!

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