Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Stay At the Blossom, Sawyer, Bentley, & Baylee

Our Mama told us we could write this post since it was our adventure!  Friday before last our Mama came home and we thought it would just be another evening at home, but she quickly loaded us up in the car.  We weren't sure where we were going until we pulled up at the Pet Resort.  Mama calls it a kennel, but to us it is like a doggie hotel.  We had been there before over the weekend that Mama went to the beach, so we were quickly wagging our tails when we saw our friends.  While Mama took care of the paperwork our friends weighed us and checked us over.  (Note from Baylee:  I did not want my Mama to leave me, I'm always afraid that I'm being abandonded.  I looked very sad and concerned but Mama called across the room and told me it was okay and that she would be back soon.)

Soon it was goodbye time and we were taken to our suites.  Mama puts two of us together in a suite so we have plenty of room.  Our suites are really nice.  We have a bedroom with a nice Kuranda bed and a fleece cover that Mama suspects we destroyed.  We also have our food and water in this room, and if it was winter we would have a heated floor.  Since it is still warm we had air conditioning instead.  We have a small window that lets in outside light, even when the lights go out at night.  Our outside area is a long, concrete area like a covered patio.  Mama calls it a run for some reason, maybe because we can run up and down to our hearts' content.  There is a chain link fence at the end so we can see out, but just a little.  We can only go out in this area during the day and if it isn't too hot.

So what did we do at the resort?  Our days were pretty much the same.  At 7 a.m. our friends came in and opened the door to the patio area.  We had a small breakfast and they gave us fresh water, too.  We played and barked a lot.  Every morning they came and got all four of us and took us over to the playroom.  We had fun playing together and playing with their toys.  The day went quickly by and we had a light supper, more fresh water and then it was time for our friends to close our outside door and turn out the lights.  Another doggie day was over.

The days passed quickly and we had fun, but we missed our Mama and our home.  Sunday afternoon our friends came and got us, one at a time.  We thought we were going to play time, but actually we went up front and there was our Mama!  We were so happy to see her, our tails were just wagging and our little faces were so happy.  We were glad to get home, too.  We were very tired after our little adventure so we all curled up and took a long, refreshing nap.  Ah, there's no place like home!

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