Monday, October 17, 2011

Baylee: The Little Magician

We had only walked a short distance tonight when I felt the tension on the lead change.  When I glanced down I realized that Sawyer was tangled in his own lead.  As I was getting him untangled Baylee suddenly started doing a contortionist type movement, like a twist and a turn all at once.  She twisted her head up and then down, and quick as a wink she was stepping out of her harness!  We were on the busiest street in the neighborhood at 5:30 p.m., the busiest time.  I had the quick presence of mind to hook my finger in her collar, just in case she freaked out and bolted.  I got her back in the harness and re-hitched to the lead (while holding the lead with the other three dancing like little wiggle worms).

I still haven't figured out what happened.  I had harnessed her first tonight, but she must have been squirming around too much and I didn't get it on right and just didn't realize it.  But I still wonder if she just isn't a little magician that got herself out of the harness!

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