Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bentley's 2nd show

We travelled north this morning to a dog show just outside Austin.  Bentley did great and brought home three ribbons, mostly by default since he was the only dog in his class.  But we did get to go in the ring two times and got some very valuable experience. 

I've realized that I probably haven't been feeding him the right food, oops!  He is way too skinny since the specialized food I've had him on is designed to keep off the weight that can cause dachshund back problems.  I had another breeder tell me that Bentley needs muscle build up, and I believe that after seeing the beautiful finished dachshunds he was in the ring with today. 

And, I had bathed him last night and was thinking that he really looked so good until I looked at him closely after arriving at the show and realized that he had dandruff!  I think it is time for a new shampoo and maybe conditioner, too.  Hopefully, changing the diet will also help his coat to improve.  

Stephanie and Jaydon went along and she made some pictures while we were in the ring.  The show was in a livestock building and the lighting was not good, but she got some good shots.

Bentley on the table

Bentley on a little walk

Bentley brought home a new friend from the show!

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