Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whatcha growlin' 'bout, big dog

We are a pretty peaceful pack here at the Doxie House.  Sawyer and Blossom have little brother/sister spats but they are short and under control, it is just that sibling thing coming out.  I've had two bad episode with the boys, one was really bad.  I think it would have ended in blood shed if I hadn't been able to break it up by throwing a sofa pillow into them.  It was escalating totally out of control and was in the house, so no garden hose spray to break it up.  I knew better than to stick my hand into the midst and grab one of them.  So I grabbed the pillow and threw it as hard as I could.  End of fight!  The other fight wasn't quite as bad and I managed to push my foot against Bentley's rump and distract him.  At that point I clapped my hands and they heard me tell them to lay off. During the work day I have to just hope that they don't get into a scrap; I suspect that most of the day they are sacked out asleep.

Every now and then I hear a  growl, but it is more of a warning than a threat.  Usually it is Blossom who, as the little one, likes to assert herself.  But I had to laugh this morning when it was Bentley.  He had his beloved Foxie and a rawhide chewie stub on the sofa and was half napping.  Baylee got too close to his treasures so he was just letting her know to keep her distance away from him and his stuff.  She didn't pay him too much attention, she just went a few inches away and laid down.  No big deal.

I do not share my toys, especially my Foxie

Bentley & Foxie = BFFs

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  1. Spats happen here sometimes. Usually it's between my oldest females, Nola and Boston.
    Nola's Mom