Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Year Ago...

A year ago this time I did not own a dog.  I was owned by 5 cats.  We were very happy and I would occassionaly think that someday I would like to have a dog again.  I missed having a dog to walk with me but I also knew that it would not be right to leave a dog alone, inside or out, all day while I went to work.  I have a fenced yard and a nice shady yard but there is no protection from rain and bad weather for a dog.  All in all our little community was happy, just me and the cats.

Then one slow day at work I did a Google search for "Biloxi".  While I was looking through images of Biloxi I saw several pictures of a little dog named "Biloxi Belle".  Now, that name intrigued me because of a past association with another "Biloxi Belle".  So I clicked on the little picture and that is how it began.  Biloxi was a beautiful long haired miniature dachshund that lived at Splendor Farms and I was intrigued.  Forget about doing anymore on the Google search!  I checked out the entire web site of the kennel.  I could tell that Kelly was a careful breeder and just loved all the pictures.  I never dreamed of owning a dachshund, but over the next few weeks I kept coming back to the Splendor Farms web site and just fell in love with this breed.

Long story made short, in April I drove to Louisiana and picked up two 8 week old puppies, Blossom and Sawyer.  In August, I drove back and picked up Baylee who was almost 4 months old.  And, in January I drove back and picked up 8 week old Bentley. Now the pack is complete and this blog is devoted just to them!

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