Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Doggie Adoration

Last weekend I went to an out of town graduation.  I had a great weekend, but with the four dogs in my household I did have to shell out the money to board them.  I don't mind because I know they have nice kennels with runs and I know that they are well cared for (there is even a family that lives on site behind the kennel, so I feel secure).  They stay two to a kennel, so they don't get lonely.

This time there wasn't quite so much of the pathetic looks I usually get when I check them in.  Blossom didn't even leave a puddle anywhere, either!  I told them good bye and left them somewhat wagging their tails.  Picking them up resulted in the usual chaos of trying to get them hitched up and ready to go.  The kennel staff and I laughed about my having the vision of coming to pick them up and they all sit patiently while we put their leads on them (ha ha)!  I definitely know they are happy to see me!

Later Sunday evening I had sat down on the sofa.  I didn't even realize it for a while but Bentley had laid down right next to me and put his big dachshund muzzle on my leg.  When I reached down to pet him he rolled those big brown eyes up at me and I knew there was just nothing but doggie love in them.  I knew what he was thinking, "I love you human Mama and I'm so glad we're home together again".  You just can't beat that, can you?

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  1. Luckily, I have never had to board Chester and Gretel (yet). I make a point to have a few people set up to dog-sit-swap with when I have to go out of town without the pups. I love knowing they are being kept in a house and playing with their Doxie pals and we like returning the favor. I bet that would be harder to set up with 4 dachshund though :)