Sunday, June 16, 2013

I think I've posted about this before, but I give the dogs Trifexis for flea and heartworm protection.  It is convenient and very effective on the fleas; however, the dogs do not like the taste of the Trifexis.  I had resorted to using Pill Pockets to get them to take the pill.  That strategy worked on everyone except Blossom. 

I had to open her mouth and shove the pill down, ugh!  I've done this many times before on other dogs, but not on a little dachshund with jaws of iron!  Plus my hands and fingers are much weaker than they were years ago.  Not to mention that Blossom has an intimidating mouth of teeth.  It was like looking at a steel trap comprised of a million dagger-like points, really scary!  Plus, I had to do this maneuver outside since she would produce a nice little puddle during the process (revenge).

So, I moved her back to Heartgard and a topical flea preventative.  I thought it would be a real smart idea and that she would eagerly take the Heartgard.  I broke the first one up into several pieces since it was rather large and I knew that she doesn't like to eat anything other than a lady-like little nibble.  I picked her up and offered her the "treat", but she would have nothing to do with it, no sirrreee, not going to take it.  I talked baby talk to her trying to cajole her to take it, but nothing doing.  I even took a piece and gently stroked the side of her mouth thinking she would realize it was tasty.  I finally gave up and put it into a small zip-lock bag. 

Some time later I tried again and this time she wouldn't even look at me and wanted nothing to do with the Heartgard.  As I re-zipped the bag I remembered how fond she is of plastic bags.  If she gets access to one she will shred it and the contents;  I've lost or almost lost several quilt patterns due to her love of plastic bags.  So I thought, why not give her the pill and the zip lock bag? 

A few minutes later I called her to me and gave her the open bag.  Ta da!  It worked; she stuck her little nose right in and went for the Heartgard chunks!  Of course, I took the bag away before she got any further, after all I don't want to encourage her shredding habit. 

I just don't know how I got to be so cute!

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