Monday, July 8, 2013

Taking care of Mama

Hey everyone!  This is the pack writing, doing a team post!

Our human Mama has been really sick, so we've been busy taking care of her.  She went to the doctor and got meds, but we think they make her feel really bad or tired or something.

We've been doing our best to take of her.  She lays on the sofa, coughing a lot, and we snuggle in with her.  Since her sense of smell isn't working she hasn't realized that we are super stinky and need a bath.  She hasn't caught a whiff of our doggie-breath either or she would gag!

We stay snuggled in with her and sleep quietly even if she is coughing a lot.

We've been going to bed a little earlier, but we stay quietly in our nighttime crate and kitchen area until she gets up in the morning.

Of course, the best part of this for us is that she has no voice and can't fuss at us or even call to us.  So, we take that as an excuse to bark a lot while we are outside because she can't do anything about it!  We run around and act like it is a big party, too, in the house when she is awake.  So far, Sawyer has scratched two places on the sofa almost threadbare (you're gonna get your nails trimmed big boy!), someone (?) destroyed a doggie bed full of stuffing (nice mess, way to go), and Blossom ate the sides off a little note that Mama had written about her fall classes (but it tasted so good).

We've missed our walks, but that's okay because it is way too hot to be out walking for us.  And, we don't mind if she feeds us late.  After all, it has been a party and a nap for us!

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  1. I am sorry your Mom is not feeling well. I hope she gets better soon and she can get back to yelling at you :)