Sunday, July 21, 2013

Treats and presents

Hello, doggie world!  This post is being written by us, the stars of this blog!  Our human Mama just got back from her second dog show; she'll write about her experiences later.  Right now she is letting us gush over all the presents and treats she came home with for us.  After all, we spent three nights at the doggie resort so we deserve rewards!

Last week at the local show she bought this for us:
This is an elk antler.  Our Mama has been looking for an alternative to the expensive rawhide chews that we go through so quickly.  Plus they are made in China, so she doesn't really think we should have them.  We liked the antler, but it is slippery so we have a hard time holding it in our paws while we gnaw on it.  Keep looking, Mom.
She also bought this ample supply of the shampoo that she likes.  We don't get too excited about baths, really, but we do like this shampoo because it leaves our fur soft and beautiful.  (Note from Bentley:  I have special needs so I get the conditioner on me which means more time in the darn tub).  You can buy this on the internet as well as in shops and at dog shows. 
She also picked up these colorful, microfiber towels to use to dry us when we have to have a bath.  They work great, but what was she thinking?  There are four of us and she only bought the 3 for $5 special.
This week Mom had more treats waiting for us after being at the big show at Reliant Center.  First up, she pulled out two new beds for us.
She bought these from the lady that has the Snuggle Sacks (remember those from last year?).  The lady remembered Mom, probably because she bought so many of the Sacks!  The lady thought it was funny that we ripped the cover off one of the sacks and then sleep in the coverless sack.  Mom was only going to buy one bed, but decided it was a good deal, so she got two.  Yippee, two new beds to chew on.  The lady had a sign up that she guarantees her seams, but does not guarantee chewing related damage!
Pro Plan sponsored the show.  Mom talked to several dachshund people and they told her that they had used the food she is feeding us now and it made their dachshund's coats real dry.  Sound familiar?  So she talked to the Purina folks and they gave her this big bag of salmon food, plus a big bag filled with two different kinds of samples for us to try.  Thanks, Purina!  We'll see what happens.  Mom fed us Pro-Plan briefly once before but it was a different type.
This stuff is to squirt on our food to make our coats healthy.  Mom had already been giving Bentley a capsule every day, but after talking to the dachshund people she's going to give it to all of us for a while.  She's not sure how to make sure we all get a dose since we tend to share food bowls randomly.
She bought these two practical bags, too.  The big black bag (say that fast) is for dog stuff, probably for Bentley to take to shows, but when we go out on adventures we can put our water bottle and other gear in there.  The little brown one is for Mom to put her ring steward stuff in.  They are very sturdy and strong, plus the fabric is very durable. Check out their website Doggy Baggage.  The lady that designed these showed dogs, and got tired of looking for a sturdy, practical bag. 
Lots of big pockets!
Last, she bought us something dear to our heart:  Treats!  Just look at them!

The strips are pig and the two round things are beef femurs.  Mom's not too good with body parts, they gross her out.  The vendor had duck feet, no way she was touching those.  Plus they had cow vertebrae and these big joint looking things.  She liked the pig strips because they are not greasy.  She gave us each one after we got home and settled down.  It took us about 15-20 minutes to finish them off.  We ate every bite, and didn't leave a stubbie like we do with the rawhides.  We love them!  They are from The Pet Deli and Mom knows a dog place in Austin that carries the line, too.  And, yes, they are made in the US from USDA certified products.
So, we are now very tired and need to rest.  Three nights of partying at the resort, plus the relief of getting home is just overwhelming us.  Too many treats, time for a nap.

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