Sunday, August 18, 2013

Recap from the Reliant show

I told myself that before I can do another post I have to do the recap from the Houston show that I meant to do a month ago!  There is so much to see at a big dog show and I have to share the fun.  I do have to give a disclaimer that these pictures are not terribly great; not sure why the point and shoot camera did not focus.

One of the things I enjoy most is getting there early and walking through the grooming area.  There is a lot of activity and it is fun to see the many different breeds getting started on their grooming routine. 

This kennel had a great set-up!  Table, chairs, tent and Old Glory!
 I enjoy the early morning stillness of the empty rings, too.

I have enjoyed learning about the different breeds, and have found that if I ask the judges (on our breaks) questions about the breeds they are judging that they are more than eager to answer me.  After all, they are doing this because they love dogs!  I did spend $5 at the AKC booth for a pocket sized laminated spiral booklet with pictures of each recognized breed; this has already come in handy!

One of the breeds I met this time was the bulldog.  Honestly, my only experience with them was seeing the Georgia Bulldog mascot during football games!   I tried to get a shot of one on the table being judged, but had to settle for this picture of a rescue dog that posed for me.  I had never been around bulldogs in real life and did not know what sweet little dogs they are.  Every one that came up with an owner/handler to get an arm band nuzzled me wanting attention (and you bet they got it, too).  Friendly and sweet, I can see why people want to own one.
These are French Bulldogs, see the difference?  They were just as sweet!
Here they are lined up for the judge!

I also saw this little Papillion, doesn't she look like Blossom? (Hmmm)

Don't these American Eskimo's look happy?

There were 80-90 Golden Retrievers in the show, what fun to see so many together!

Shelties getting their last minute combing.

There were many rescue groups at this show, all with dogs needing homes. 

This was one of several dachshund rescue groups.  They had all gone home when I made this picture.



I've already posted about the vendors, but there was an excellent art show done by local schools.  I spent a few minutes walking through the exhibit and was amazed at the quality of the work One of the beagles, done by a high school student, was so life like that I thought the dog was actually looking at me.

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