Sunday, October 6, 2013

Time to start writing again

I have to confess that I think I've had a case of mental writer's block.  I have plenty of things to write about, there's always a lot going on with 4 doxies in the house!  But for some reason I haven't been able to write a single word.  I've decided that this is because I backed myself (mentally) into a little square where I had defined the boundaries of the blog.  I wanted to write about the dogs, but also wanted to introduce some more information that would help dog owners and increase awareness about rescue groups and worthwhile dog activities.  I felt that I could only write about certain things and that I had to have pictures for everything.  I blamed work, school, illness and the hot weather for not writing. The result was that I had no posts.  So, it is time to break out of the boundaries I imposed and, for pete's sake, just write.  I think the other information will come, in time.  But for now, it is back to stories of Blossom, Sawyer, Baylee, and Bentley!

I bought this delightful shirt from the All Texas Dachshund Rescue booth at the Reliant Dog Show!

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  1. I went through an exercise last year where I blogged for 30 days in a row but allowed myself to write about whatever I want....that was related somehow to dogs. It was very liberating and my blog did not fall apart because of my "aimlessness" (I did inform people I would be doing the exercise first). In fact, I wrote a couple of my most poplar posts during that month. Maybe you should try something like that? In my experience, you won't lose readers if you expand your "topic circle" after the exercise. You should write about what inspires you most...that is still related to your original aim for the blog.