Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We Got 'Em, Mom!

These pictures aren't quite as descriptive as I would like, but they will have to do.  I had bought 2 little dolls for my little twin granddaughters to play with when they come over.  I took the dolls out of the bag and put them in a rocking chair in the entryway while I went to get scissors to de-tag them.

Well, if you know dachshunds then you know what happened.  The dogs "got" the babies!  They thought they had caught intruders or aliens or some critters! 

You would thought they had tree'd a possum or raccoon the way they were barking, yipping and howling!

It was fun to watch, but the best part was when I picked up a baby to show them that it was "okay".  They went into retreat mode, still barking!  I will have to note that I did not leave the babies in the chair because I knew what would happen if the dogs could get them - destruction.

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  1. Awww...poor pups were spooked by the "babies". I bet Chester and Gretel would have had the same reaction....but of course they would because they are Doxies too :)