Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Doggie Paws

To follow up on the last post, this is why I have to learn how to groom the dogs' paws.  This picture was made with the not-so-great cell phone, but it gets the point across.  It is  the underneath of Baylee's front paw.  The pads are just barely visible, covered over with beautiful long fur.  When the pups go outside these hairs pick up dirt, mud, debris, and I don't know what else.  It is uncomfortable for the dogs to have the underneath of their paws caked up, plus it leaves a mess on the floor. 

Typical of dachshunds they do not like to have their paws messed with.  I suspect they may be a little ticklish!  I've just done a little work on each foot with the idea that I will ease them into a full trim.  I've also started gently massaging their paws while they are sleeping next to me on the sofa at night in hopes that will get them to relax a little when they go on the grooming table for a doggie paw trim.

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