Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where have all the doggies gone?

They went to the kennel, of course!  I've been on a short road trip and left the puppies at the kennel for four nights.  When I dropped them off on Saturday morning Sawyer had major separation anxiety; I had to walk with him over to where they check the dogs in as he refused to walk on the lead with the kennel staff person.  Then I stepped around the corner, but peeked around a few minutes later to check on him.  He was looking anxiously around, trying to find me.  Finally, when it was time for him to go he refused again, so the dear staff person had to pick him up and carry him to the kennel area.  Poor doggie!  And, on another topic he weighed in at 19 pounds, so we've got to get serious about weight loss.

This is Douhlie, in the car and ready to ride!

I picked up a little traveling companion along the way.  He was a good companion in some ways; he did not require walks before bedtime or early morning.  He did not bark either and rode cutely in the top of my purse.  He was welcome in restaurants and everywhere I went. But he didn't wag his tail and look at me lovingly.  At night he sat by the computer, he was not warm and cuddly.  Plus, he didn't lick my face!  I was ready to get my real dogs back this morning!

I know they were ready to come home, too.  For one thing they are very tired.  I suspect that it is just a round-the-clock-barking-party at the kennel!  They all keep looking at me like, "Mom, why did you leave us in that place?  Why couldn't we just stay with you?  You kept talking about going bye-bye, but we know that bye-bye means that we get in the car and ride somewhere.  We don't understand why we had to stay there, but are so glad you are back with us and we are at our home!"

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