Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blossom's a little tired

(After you read this post please see An update on Blossom's teeth cleaning for a little more information and some further thoughts on teeth cleaning for dogs)
Why is Blossom in the crate?  Why is the little fireball curled up and so still?  It's because she's a little woozy tonight (notice the glassy eyes?).  She had her teeth cleaned today and is still feeling the effects of the anesthesia.  I've never had to have a dog's teeth cleaned, so this was a first for both of us!

She has had tartar build-up since she was about a year old.  When she and Sawyer went in for their 4-year checkup the vet felt that it is time to do a cleaning.  Of course, my question was, "how much does it cost," but that really didn't matter.  It had to be done, so today was the day.  I did pay extra for an OraVet treatment which is a plaque preventative.  I'm hoping that the combination of really clean teeth and this treatment will prevent the return of the serious tartar buildup.

I've never thought of Blossom and Sawyer as being bonded, but this morning when I picked her up to take to the vet Sawyer was already in the kitchen.  He began to softly whine, so I knew that he didn't want his little sister to leave!
The cleaning went well and she'll be fully awake in the morning, ready to boss the world around again!

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