Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shaggy Dog?

Is this a shaggy dog?
I enjoy taking my dogs places, but don't take them out as much as I should.  With the arrival of Jelly and spending time doing things with her and her family I've realized just how much I enjoy outings with a dog.  So I've resolved to be more proactive with taking them (one at a time, please!) more places. 

When we are out I enjoy not only time with the dogs, but interacting with other people who notice the dogs.  I always welcome children who politely ask if they can pet my dog.  When some children have to be encouraged  I always tell them to feel how soft the dog's ear is and that will usually get them closer.  I also like for people to ask me what breed the dog is or to recognize the breed and tell me that they either have a dachshund or two or have had them in the past.

Last Sunday at the Lavender Festival interaction was good, but we had two memorable experiences.  One was having a little girl who had Downs Syndrome make a face of delight when she reached out to touch Bentley's ear!  She was maybe about 3 years old and in a stroller.  The adults with her had already petted him and I knew she wanted to pet him but was afraid. Just a little encouragement and she reached out to touch him; she was delighted and so were the adults!

The other experience gave me a laugh.  As I stepped into one of the vendor booths a man looked at Bentley and commented, "I've never seen a shaggy dachshund.  Is he a mixed breed?"  Ha ha LOL! Slightly amused and somewhat insulted, I replied that he was a long-haired miniature dachshund, a full blood registered dachshund.  Another lady in the booth had bent down and was petting Bentley; I don't remember exactly what she said but I could tell that she was familiar with the long-haired version of a short-legged-long-bodied-pointed-nose dachshund.  Yes, I know Bentley doesn't have the long flowing hair of a long-haired dachshund, but he is definitely not shaggy.  Hopefully, the next time this guy sees a dachshund he will remember that there is a long-haired version.

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