Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sawyer's Friday Adventure

Sawyer is my adventure dog, always ready to go somewhere and explore.  Friday I had the day off and had planned a camping trip.  That didn't work out, but I still wanted to get out and go somewhere.  So he and I loaded up, in the misty rain, and set out for Bastrop and Buescher State Parks.

Hey, Ma,why do I have to ride in this lousy crate?
Sawyer was a good sport about the crate.  I stopped several times to make pictures and to get checked in at the park.  Each time I opened the back door so he could get plenty of air and see me.  A few times I knew I was just going a short distance so I let him ride in my lap which made him happy.

I tied him to a barbecue pit while I ate my lunch.  I offered him some carrots, but he just stood and wagged his tail at me.  He was ready for adventure and wasn't interested in a snack.

After several stops to make pictures at Bastrop, we drove over to Buescher.  Again, he was patient while we drove around and I made pictures.  Then, finally we hit the trail!  Their hiking trail was 7.7 miles round trip, too long for us, so I decided we would go a ways and then come back.  I quickly realized that we were the only ones on the trail, so I dropped the leash and let him go.  I've been wanting to do this with him forever, and it was the perfect time to do so.  For the most part he stayed next to me and only ventured off a few times, never going too far away.

This is a happy dog!

His nose was on the ground most of the time!

The sun had come out and the temperature was comfortable with a little humidity.  We crossed two creek beds that, thankfully, were dry.  I had a small towel, but didn't want to put a wet, dirty, stinky dog in the back of my car.  Shortly after crossing the second creek bed the mosquitoes took over the trail.  We had walked about twenty minutes, so we turned around and retreated from the mosquitoes!  Our hike was about forty minutes, just right.  It was wonderful to have a trail to ourselves, a good adventure for both of us!

I was trying to make a picture of this little cactus, not sure why.  Prickly pear is not ornamental or a novelty. Sawyer ran up and stuck his nose in the cactus just as I pressed the shutter.  I thought the picture was ruined, but I had a serendipity moment when I got home and looked at the pictures.  Sawyer gave me the best shot of the day!

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