Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bentley's 12 week check up

Last Monday Bentley had his second visit to the vet's for shots and progress check up.  Of course, he passed with flying colors and was greatly loved by everyone!  He weighed almost 6 pounds so now he can have a whole vitamin, no more breaking them in half!  He was so good, never flinched with the shots or the nasal drops.  He has one more appointment for his rabies shot and then he is done with the puppy visits.

He did throw up as we were leaving the vet's office, all over my dry clean only skirt and the car seat.  But I'm sure the problem wasn't car sickness or nerves.....the girls in the vet's office gave him several nice size treats.  So next time, no treats (sorry little guy!).

I'm going to try to have a little photo shoot this week.  Our weather has mercifully warmed up so we can enjoy being outside.

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