Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mardi Paws

This morning Jaydon and I took Sawyer and Baylee over to a "Mardi Paws" event.  It was at a place that is a combination of an in-home pet sitting service and a pet resort.  I went because I thought it would be a great way for the dogs to socialize and I wanted to check out some of the local groups that would be there.  As it turned out, it was more of an adoption type event but that was still good.  The local dachshund rescue group was there and I was able to visit with some of them and got contact information. 

They also were doing agility demonstrations as well as fly ball.  I had never seen fly ball and just loved it, so did Jaydon.  Sawyer went beserk...he wanted to run up and down with the dogs.  Every time they ran he got so excited and just barked and barked.  I wish I had time to get him into something like that because he would really enjoy it. 

We also checked out the resort and their facility.  I was impressed because all the outdoor areas had grass!  And they had a koi pond in the dog park area...guess who jumped into it....Sawyer!  Silly dog.

Baylee did real well.  We had to pick her up a few times because she would get scared a little but I think she knew she was safe and that we would protect her, too.  She did enjoy herself and she was okay with the other dogs as long as they approached her slowly.

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