Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Blossom & Sawyer!

Blossom and Sawyer were born February 15, 2010 so they are now officially one year old!  I didn't pick them up until April, so I think of that date as their "gotcha" birthday.  It has been fun to watch them grow and see their personalities develop, but it has been hard, too.  Having multiple babies is a challenge but at the same time they are good company for each other. 

Blossom is still very small, not much bigger than she was in this picture made in June.  She is a little diva, doesn't like to get her feet wet, and looks like a little delicate dog.  But she is a mighty dog and has no fear of anything.

It is hard to remember Sawyer ever being this small, he weighs 12 pounds now so he will be a "tweeny" dachshund.  He is such a sweetheart, just easy going and loveable all the time.

Don't let these faces fool you, they are little rascals.

This was made before Sawyer's coat started to lengthen and thicken. 
 Happy birthday and many more!

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