Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stubborness vs Independent Thinking

I've decided that I usually do things the hard way, but then again I'm stubborn.  So I got the dogs and now, almost a year later, have realized that I need to get more information on raising dogs and learn how to do this right.  So I have several books that I've picked up or downloaded to my Kindle. 

The book I'm working on right now is specifically about dachshunds.  The author made an interesting point about understanding dachshunds. They are typically classified as stubborn, and I can see why.  But this book points out that they are not stubborn, they are just intelligent dogs that are independent thinkers.   And she went on to detail that they have the ability to think without requiring direction from humans.  She also makes the point over and over that training a dachshund has to be fun, they don't like boring, repetitive instructions. 

So I've realized that I need to re-think the whole dog training thing to look at this from the same point of view that they have, in other words I need to think like a dachshund.  This may not be easy since I still think the old way, like you do with other dogs.  But since I'm stubborn I may be able to get into their mindset fairly easy (ha ha!). More to come on the training subject later.

And on a lighter note...during the past hour while I've tried to read and do this post I have probably had to get up no less than 20 times. 
  • I've had to make two trips outside (in the 20 degree weather without a coat, someone had a rush call),
  • I've had to clean up one puddle (someone didn't make the choice to ask to go out),
  • I've had to take away a stuffed bear from Sawyer,
  • I've had to rescue a cat (the dogs were just having a little fun with her),
  • I've had to get up several times and ask "what are ya'll doing over there?",
  • I've had to go find Blossom (she was checking out the cat litter box, ugh!),
  • I've had to refill the reservoir on the water fountain (it had been drained),
  • I've had to take away a sofa pillow from Sawyer, and on and on it goes

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