Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Several weeks ago Sawyer discovered that the octagonal rug in the living room was held in place with rug tape.  He proceeded to pull up the rug and rip up the tape, piece by piece.  So I got a new roll of tape and re-taped the rug.  No problem as this has to be done every now and then since the tape looses it's stickiness. 

Yesterday morning as I was finishing getting ready for work Sawyer started working on the rug, again.  So I took the piece of tape away from him and put it back under the rug since it was still fairly sticky.  Last night I was sitting at the kitchen table studying when I realized that there was a fair amount of noise coming from the living room.  Well, now there were 4 little dogs working on the rug tape!  They had the rug about half flipped over and were ripping up tape at a fast pace.  Needless to say I was aggravated and they heard "no no leave it" over and over as I picked up the pieces of tape and threw them away.  I was aggravated!

For an encore this morning, as I was finishing getting ready for work they went into the closet in the sewing room and retrieved a one page knitting pattern that was folded up and in a bag with yarn and needles.  They brought this into the living room and by the time I walked into the room had half eaten, half shredded the pattern.  I have no idea now how to make the scarf and have no way to retrieve the pattern electronically.  I have no idea how they choose to destroy this one item but they were successful at misbehavin'!  The bad part is that I couldn't fuss at them, I just picked up the pieces, put the pups in the kitchen and said good bye.

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