Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Doggie Report Card

(This was originally posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 on SSTOL blog but thought it should be included on the dogs' blog, too.)

Grades are in (for all three dogs):

A+    Digging holes (many holes in different locations, earned extra credit)
A+    Crawling under fence (through small hole, earned extra credit)
A+    Meeting new neighbors (on several occassions, earned extra credit)
A-     Spending day confined in kitchen (one puddle in floor, lost points)
A+    Unwrapping nicely wrapped presents while "mama" was outside for a few minutes (wagging tails when discovered, earned extra credit)
D       Obeying simple commands ("come" is not recognized and "sit" is only attempted when a treat is being offered)
A+     Eating ornaments from tree (ate one that was 30 years old, earned extra credit)
A+     Sleeping in "mama's" lap, snuggling on the sofa
A+     Removal of grass from back yard

Recommendation for next semester:  Intensive training in obeying commands and listening to instructions while still at the formative stage.  Will need to have a retaining wall built along the side fence as the art of escaping has been perfected and is not needed anymore.  No action is needed as far as Christmas presents and ornaments are concerned as they will soon be put away.  Should continue to wag tails and snuggle as much as they want.  Overall they have been successful in being little loveable rascals.

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