Friday, February 10, 2012

Blossom Gets Locked Out

About 9 o'clock this evening I ran the 4-pack outside for a potty break.  I went out with them to make sure that they did their business and didn't just mess around (imagine, these pups would do that?). As they came in I thought I counted 4 dogs coming through the door but I guess since they were all together and rushing in that I missed one.  I turned off the porch light, shut the door and sat back down on the sofa thinking that everyone was present and accounted for.  Several minutes later I realized that Blossom was missing.  I thought she had gone in the kitchen but she was not in the kitchen or anywhere in the house.  Then I realized that she must have been left outside.  Yes, when I opened the door there she was in the pitch black dark.  She came in and, of course, got a lot of attention.  I don't think she was really too scared, after all she is a mighty-mini that is afraid of nothing.

Totally unrelated, I'm watching the 10 o'clock news while writing and they just showed a story about a 4 week old pup that was stuck in a pipe, somewhere up north.  An excavation crew was called in to extract the little one....guess what breed?  It was a dachshund-mix, Mama was a black and tan.  Aren't these little guys amazing?

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