Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing Like Crazy!

Blossom and Sawyer have always played together, very rambunctiously and very loudly.  They have done this since I got them when they were about 8 weeks old.  Even as tiny pups they would just play and play and play while making the loudest, meanest sounds.  It would sound like they were just eating each other up, but in reality they were just playing.  Even as they got older, and bigger, they continued to play fast and furiously.  Only once or twice have they gotten out of hand and I had to stomp my foot to get their attention and advert an all out dog fight.

As they have gotten older the play sessions have shortened, and also usually one of the other dogs will be involved in the playing.  But last night Blossom and Sawyer had a 30 minute session of playing.  They were rolling around on the rug in the living room, chasing each other around, and charging at each other while making the loud growling noises.  When they finally got tired, they ran over to me.  Their tales were wagging, their tongues were hanging out, and their little eyes were just sparkling.  They had thoroughly enjoyed their little play session!  They stood there looking at me and I couldn't think about how happy they were, just from playing  together!  

Such a simple thing, but humans can take a lesson from more and you'll enjoy life and be happy!  Doggie wisdom, simply stated.

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