Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Bentley & A Little Baylee

Bentley went in this morning for his check up and vaccinations.  He weighed in at 13.15 pounds, but they were using a small scale (like the ones they weigh a human baby on) and his long body was a little scrunched up and I don't think he was really in true balance on the scale.  So I suspect he is closer to the step on scale I weighed him on at ring training.  He was pronounced in perfect health by Dr. Parker, and as being perfectly beautiful by all the staff. He was so good and tolerated all the poking and prodding very well.  I'm afraid, however, that the next time I put him on the table at a show he will automatically tuck his tail and stick his nose in the crook of my arm!  Jaydon was with me and he got to listen to Bentley's heart beat through the stethoscope!

Also as a post script to the last post I forgot to mention that he was competing against 16 other long haired dachshunds.  This is the most we have ever competed against, and it was fun to watch all the other dogs in the ring or at least try to watch.  I still get confused because everything happens so fast in the ring.  I have it in my head which classes are competing and the sequence but when it starts happening I get lost.  I've realized too that I need a little speed in getting him in the ring and set for the judge to see when we go in with the other dogs.  He was the only dog in his class (12-18 months) and there were two finished dogs that competed in Best of Variety.  He'll show 3 or 4 times in March and I'm hoping to get into a one-on-one training session before those shows.  At the very least, I'm having fun with the shows and will continue, champion or not!

Another picture from the show prep on Saturday.  Everyone loves his ears, isn't' that shading gorgeous?

And, yes my next investment is a grooming table to put on top of his crate.  Several other people and I found this waist high mesh platform that was perfect for grooming.  The cart with the crate fit perfectly under the platform.

I caught this picture of the three dogs this afternoon.  This is a perfect picture of Bentley.  (No offense, Blossom and Sawyer, but you may get cropped out of this one at some point!)
Oh Baylee, Beautiful Baylee!  Look at her fur, it has really thickened up and is so luxurious!

I'm just amazed at the beauty of her coat and how soft it feels!

Baylee reminds me of an elegant lady, but she is still a little naughty, too!  Could she be a doggie version of Carole Lombard or Greta Garbo or maybe Marilyn Monroe?

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