Monday, February 27, 2012

Floor Licking

This one is a mystery to me.  About a year ago Blossom started licking the parquet wood floor in spots.  Sometimes I would also see Sawyer doing the same thing, too.  She would lick and lick until (alas) the finish had come off the floor!  No matter how much I scolded her she would persist.  But it was not a problem, the floor is going to need to either be refinished or replaced at some time so I didn't really let it bother me...until last week Sawyer decided to lick on the new flooring in my bedroom.  I chased him away but realized later that in just a short time he had licked off the finish in a little space.  Uh oh, I was distressed not only over the damage but over why they were doing this. Then tonight I caught Blossom licking on the floor in the sewing room.  I scolded her several times and then Bentley thought he would get in on the act and he got his name called!

The spots on the old floor were tolerable, but not on the new floor.  Now my eagle eye is on these rascals!  They're just always up to something!

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