Sunday, March 4, 2012

It Was A Dog Park Kind of Day

I took Sawyer and Bentley to the dog park for about an hour this afternoon.  It was a beautiful afternoon and if I had not had other things to do I'm sure we would have stayed longer.  I left the girls at home (with much crying and very sad looks) because I wasn't sure how crowded the park would be, and it was a new park I had not been to and wasn't sure they would have a separate small dog park.  As it turned out there was a small dog park, a very big small dog park.  It was not crowded at all, and I wished that I had taken the girls.  I just worry about Baylee because she is easily frightened by other dogs, and little Blossom can't stop barking wherever she goes.  Maybe next time I will take just the girls to see how they do and then maybe I can take all four!

There was a lot of running!

More running!

There was a lot of snooping!

Bentley actually stood still for a second or two so I could make a picture
Sawyer...always at ease where ever he goes!

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