Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Mama's been shopping

Our Mama bought this thing and she thinks we should sit it in, but we're not sure about this.

What is this thing and why do we have to sit in it, whoa hold on it's moving and I'm in it!

Yes, it is a stroller, a dog stroller.  I had seen these in a catalog or somewhere and thought it would be fun, and useful.  I saw a deluxe one last weekend, and started searching on the internet.  The deluxe one was ridiculously expensive but I found this one that is sturdy, lightweight, and affordable.  We're going to try it out tomorrow on a real outing! It will hold 45 pounds of dog, and Blossom and Baylee fit comfortably.  Probably the boys will have to ride solo, although I really don't think Sawyer will ride in it.

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