Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bentley's Big Weekend

Bentley had a weekend of firsts.  We went to Houston to show on Friday and Saturday.  I was somewhat nervous about traveling on an overnight trip with a dog.  But Bentley did not disappoint me.  He is a champion traveler, wish I could say the same for his show-biz success!

So this weekend Bentley took his first road trip, he took his first elevator ride, he spent his first night in a hotel, he slept on a real bed, he was left alone in the car briefly, and he was left alone in the hotel room briefly several times.  However, he did not have his first points (you can't have it all).  He was such a good traveler, the only problem in the car is that he wants to lay in my lap but his body is too long and doesn't fit.  On the way home he finally put his chin on the console and angled himself across my legs.  On the way over I had to stop at the rest stop and I left in the car by himself (it was not hot and I parked away from most of the cars).  When I came back he was sitting on the console, watching for me!  I wasn't really too worried about leaving him alone but I was concerned that he could be stolen.  He then had a chance to get out and walk around for a stretch break.  I tried to get him to sit in the passenger seat, but he only stayed briefly and then was back in my lap.

This is what a tired dog does after a long day!

We stayed at a Drury Inn and I have to say that they are very pet friendly and the hotel was very nice.  My room was large and we spent a nice, relaxing evening there.  Bentley was very well behaved, and made friends with everyone.  He only barked a few times, once when were waiting for the elevator and a group of kids came running up.  What was funny was that he scared them more than they scared him!  They were relieved to see that he was only a little dog!  The elevator didn't phase him at all, he just stepped right in.

The dog that never sleeps curled up on this little bench for a short nap!
Both days he "won" his class since he was the only dog in the class.  On Friday when we went back into the ring he was just a total dork.  The floor was a packed dirt floor with hay and straw droppings, and probably quite a bit of bait.  He could not keep his nose out of the dirt and I was almost having to drag him around the ring.  But I did enjoy watching the other dogs compete.

Bentley waits for his turn on Saturday morning.

See the dirt floor?  The judge and I laughed that he was the perfect color match for the dirt!

Isn't this a handsome dog? 

I realized that he has outgrown this crate!  So I put the bag inside it and the dog on top!  
He did better on Saturday but he was up against some beautiful dogs.  I'm not giving up on him yet, I still think he has potential, just needs experience.  And, yes, he is now officially spoiled after sleeping on a real bed and being in constant contact with me for two days.  But that's ok, he's my baby!

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