Saturday, March 10, 2012

Three In A Row

Bentley and I wrapped up three days of doing the dog show today.  It was the local spring show and I felt we could not afford to miss this opportunity so I burned two days of vacation so he could show Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  He did ok, brought home some ribbons because he was the only dog in his class and he picked up two reserve winners dogs because there were only two dogs competing.  It is easy to win with no competition.  However, the points went to the other dog.  

I'm not sure what his thinking is about doing the shows.  He practices perfectly, stacks beautifully on the table and walks right beside me.  No problem.  But when he gets in the ring he just won't cooperate on the table (ha ha he thinks, I'll show you Mom) and he pulls away from me when we walk.  On Friday I almost had to drag him around the ring.  He also shies away from the men judges.  So I know we need to keep working at home and just do more shows.  Practice makes perfect!

I had to laugh on Friday.  The judge changed up the routine and had each dog go straight to the table, rather than going around the ring and then to the table.  I led Bentley into the ring and as I reached down to pick him up he looked at me with this puzzled look.  It was really funny because I knew he was thinking that we were doing something wrong.  Smart dog!

He is a beautiful dog and if he will just relax a little I think he will do better.  So many people compliment him and admire him.  I think he is a handsome fella, too.  Next weekend we will travel to Houston.  This will be our first overnight show, so I'm anxious to see how he does with a three hour car ride and staying overnight in a hotel room.  There will be a dachshund specialty show on Friday and then on Saturday there are 22 long-haired dachshunds showing!

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