Wednesday, March 14, 2012


At the show last week on the first day I was walking around checking out the vendors after Bentley finished when I noticed a lady with two smooth piebalds on a lead.  They were both red piebalds and caught my eye quickly.  So I made sure that I was back at the ring to watch the smooth dachshunds compete.  While piebalds are fairly common I had never seen them in the ring.  They didn't win anything that day or the next, but it was fun to see them.  I found myself almost wishing that I was able to show Sawyer.  He is a fine looking red piebald and his coat, while not excessively long, is very thick and beautiful.  He also has a great, easy going personality that would be perfect in the ring.

The next day I got to talk to the owner of the dogs.  Someone had asked me what makes a piebald a piebald so I asked her.  It was an interesting conversation, she told all of us that were listening that the original dachshunds were piebalds.  The solid coats and other variations came out of the piebald.  According to her, the Germans now deny this fact.  I probably should do some research on this, as I do find it very interesting.

Here's a good looking, fun loving red piebald that has stolen my heart!

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