Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Little Doxies Go Strolling

Everybody laughs when I tell them that I bought a dog stroller, and yes, I know it is not the normal thing to have but I think it is a very practical item to have if you have dogs and like to go places with them.  Jaydon and I took the stroller out yesterday for its inaugural run.  The Botanical Garden was having another "Dog Days" so after early church and Sunday School we headed down there, with the stroller in the trunk.  It was Blossom and Baylee's turn to go and those two little girls had so much fun.

Two little girls out for a stroll!
The stroller worked great and was easy to get in and out of the trunk and set up/collapsed.  I kept the mesh zipped up until we actually got into the garden, but even after I opened it the girls never tried to jump out.  I did tie their leads onto the handle, just in case. 

Now, is this cute or what!!

We did have one little mishap...Jaydon had mastered the art of maneuvering a stroller but decided to run down a packed dirt trail with a small incline even though I was telling him not to.  Yep, the stroller got away from him and he went down and the stroller flipped backward.  Friendly folks stopped to help and we were soon on our way.  Jaydon had a slight scrape on one hand and the girls really weren't upset at all.  Just another adventure! (But a note to myself:  don't let him push a stroller with a real baby in it just yet)

This was about the best I could get for a posed shot.  Of course, an lady walked by and asked if she could make their picture and they posed very cutely and attentively for her but not for me.

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