Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blossom repeats and repeats

If you read the previous post you know that Blossom accidentally got left outside the other night, in the dark and cold.  Well, she did it again, and again.

I thought I had learned to really count heads (or is it tails?!) as they come through the door after taking a break outside.  Saturday morning they had been out and I was sure all 4 came in.  Several minutes later I heard barking from the back yard and looked out to see Blossom outside, barking and having a good time.  It was cold, too and usually she shivers and puts on a pitiful act when she has to go out.  But, no, the cold didn't seem to be bothering her! 

Then, this evening they went out for a break and again, I thought everyone came in.  Several minutes later I heard a bark at the back door and realized that she was still out.  It was really cold, and once again I had turned off the porch light so it was dark.  I think she has realized that she can bark and I'll open the door!  Silly puppy, you need to come in when called!  Now if she would just bark when she needs to go out....

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